Made To Measure

Want the Perfect outfit?

Make an upcoming event special by having us tailor make your perfect event dressing according to your measurements, simply flattering your body shape.



Before the consultation, it is important that you research your ideals for your special event dress. This includes saving photos of dresses that you like, deciding on the themes and possibly the silhouettes or colours you might favour. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start your research! You can text or email us to schedule an appointment for consultation.

We believe in the power of Imagination

In order to create a dress of your dream, we will need to know more about your personal self. We get to sit down together and talk about how you imagine the dress will be. We will brainstorm together and come out with sketches of your likes. We will also provide options for you to choose from. You may share your ideas and budget for the dress and we will come up with the dress within that budget.

You can also email us sample photos of dresses to get an estimated budget at

Design is the silent ambassador of you

First, we need to choose the design of your dress. Whether you have chosen a NAFORRÉR collection design for that special event or love what you see in the magazines, we can assist you to achieve that “Gotta Have It Look”.     

Second, choose your favorite color. All designs can be made in a different color. Pick your favorite color or ask assistance upon consultation. 

Third, choose your fabric. Once you have chosen your color, we will offers you a variety of fabric like stretched cotton, lace and chiffon for ease and comfort of the wearer. You may also provide us with your preferred fabric.

When you are satisfied with the overall design, we will be taking your body measurements to construct your dress for your first fitting. It is in best interest if you can wear slim fit clothes to be measured into. This will help us to get the close to exact measurement of your body. We will also collect deposit of BND $50 via cash or bank account transfer. With the deposit collected, we will start the production of your dress. We will inform you when the next meeting will be.


During this session, our designer will pin and modify to fit to your precise measurements. You may inform our designer if you want some additional changes or alteration needed for the dress. We will keep the changes into consideration for the next fitting.

It always seems impossible until it’s done

From sketches to a reality, this is the session for the first fitting of your dress where we have design it together and came up with the final outcome. You will be putting on the dress and feel how the dress is on you. We will alter any changes needed and twerk the dress to your liking. We will have another fitting for you to get the best dress that suits your body. You may also bring your heels during the first fitting that complements the whole looks.

Progress over perfection

The next fitting, we will have completed any changes or alterations needed during the first fitting. Depending on the complexity of the dress, additional times may be needed to fine-tune the design.

Final Fitting and Collection

When the day of your final fitting arrives, ask your partner or relatives to come along so they can learn about your dress. You may ask whether the dress is better use iron or steam to get rid of the wrinkles. Which accessories is suited with the dress? You may ask us anything to complete the final looks for you. We will be more than happy to help you!

What you wear is such an expression of who you are

After days of designing, production and alterations, the day you pick up your dress has arrived! The final fitting is to make sure everything is looking flawless. The dress goes through our last inspection before collection.

If you are satisfied with the dress in the first fitting, you may take the dress with you.

Payment will be collected when you decide to collect your special event dress. May the dress bring you joyful life!

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Disclaimer note
*Please note that colors are not a perfect match to fabrics provided. Consult with designer during appointment*

Please bear in mind that Made to Measure orders are Non-Returnable because each garment is made to your exact measurements and personal specification.