The Designer

Farhanna Pura


For the love of fashion, Farhanna Pura started her fashion label, NA FORRÉR in May 2010.It was as a young teen that she first discovered her love for fashion where she was influenced by 90’s pop culture, chic cities and the Spice Girl’s immaculate sense of style.

Instinctively knowing that she would one day start a fashion business of her own, Farhanna went onto study Marketing in the United Kingdom at the University of Hertfordshire.

After graduation, she started her career in Change Management. Farhanna observed how the Corporate professionals dressed and was inspired by power dressing.  She was intrigued by the potential of creating a fashion brand that would cater to versatility of women in different sizes as well as the subtle language of tailoring. 

Always on hand to assist clients with styling tips, sizing and measurements, color and fabric selections, Farhanna generously demonstrates her expertise and absolute commitment to achieve the client’s “gotta-have-it look”.



The Brand


Logo Na ForrerBased in tropical Brunei Darussalam, NA FORRÉR (pronounce as Na – For – Rare) is a demi couture designer brand for the modern muse, heavily inspired by girl power, heritage and the city.

NA FORRÉR first gained social media attention due to the exclusivity of the “Made to Measure” service as well as her commitment in infusing the Songket (traditional Malay woven brocade) fabric into modern wear.

The NA FORRÉR girl is Fashion Forward, Feminine and Functional. Each piece carries the attitude of being an unapologetic female with a whole lot of sass but at the same time poised. Versatility of each capsule design is key where the wearer can mix and match from day to night, capitalizing on the slow sustainable fashion lifestyle.